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HeartSync Electrode Pads



For more than 25 years, Heart Sync has been pioneering the design and development of disposable electrodes for cardiac resuscitation and pacing. A proven leader in the field of arrhythmia management, Heart Sync evolved from the latest innovations in disposable defibrillation electrode technology.

Beginning with grounding pads used for electro surgery, we then spearheaded the technological advances that led to broad acceptance of disposable defibrillator electrodes. Further advances include: transparent defibrillator electrodes, mini pediatric and pediatric defibrillator electrodes, special adhesives for long-term use, special packaging for pre-connection, and now 60-inch lead wire with a three-year shelf life.

Heart Sync, Inc. brings superior product knowledge to market with the Heart Sync line of American-made adult and pediatric defibrillator electrodes. The Heart Sync family of defibrillation electrodes includes direct connection to all major defibrillators.


 Longest lead wire on the market: 60 inches long, allowing the clinician more flexibility with the positioning of the defibrillator and the patient.

 Color coded pad placement: Our anterior electrode has blue foam while the posterior electrode is white, allowing for easy training in pad placement.

 Invisible (radio-transparent) electrodes and lead wires: allows for unobstructed viewing under fluoroscopy with no shadow.

 Manufactured in the USA: We take pride in manufacturing our product in the USA along with all of the critical components.

 User-friendly instructions on all materials: Our instructions are detailed on the outside packaging including pictures, cautions and warnings. No need to search for the IFU in the box.

 Two ways to open the packaging. Use the Easy Peel to open from the top of our package or utilize the tear notch on the bottom.

 Colored release liners: allow easy viewing for any that fall to the floor, while also including an easy checklist and user instructions.