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Important Places to Have AEDs

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AEDs, or automatic external defibrillators, are devices that have saved countless lives. They work by checking a person’s heart rhythm and if necessary, shocking it back into a normal rhythm. There are many studies that have shown such devices can increase the chances of surviving a heart attack.

There are any number of places where AEDs should be located. Here is a short list of important places that should have AEDs.

The Workplace

Many adults spend 40 to 60 hours a week at their place of work. Every year over 10,000 people go into cardiac arrest while at work and although many people at the workplace might be trained in CPR, a person’s chances of survival is best when an AED is handy.

Sporting Venues

Sports are so much fun to watch and participate in as well, but all too often tragedy strikes during the game. Fans, players and coaches go into cardiac arrest more often than you think and many lives have been saved thanks to quick actions, CPR training and AEDs.


When people think about heart attacks, they often think about older people. While it is true that it is much more common for older people to suffer cardiac arrest, it can happen to anybody at any age. And there are terrifying reports that the number of young people dying from cardiac arrest is in the rise. So it is very important that AEDs are in schools.

High-Rise Buildings

A study showed that you have the greatest chances of surviving cardiac arrest is it happens on floor one, two or three. And the chances of surviving cardiac arrest when you are on floor 17 or above drops dramatically. The reason is that it takes paramedics longer to reach higher floors. The good news is AEDs at high-rise buildings increase your chances for survival.

Fitness Centers

While most people who go to fitness centers are relatively fit, there have been plenty of cases in which people have gone into cardiac arrest.